Our Services


Gaskins Media Works offers a variety of services to help medical professionals and health organizations create compelling messages and share those messages with various stakeholders. 

Media & Public Relations Strategies and Services


Communicating the right messaging to the public and the press is essential to the success of every organization. Gaskins Media Works will create actionable messages based on strategic priorities and business goals. We identify appropriate media outlets and utilize our connections and resources to share positive messages in a clear, consistent and credible manner.

Executive Messaging & Communication Strategies


Gaskins Media Works specializes in creating powerful and effective messages for executives that reflect both the strategic goals of the organization and the personality of the speaker. We believe in a highly collaborative process and whether the goal is to promote programs and initiatives to an internal audience or share with the general public, Gaskins Media Works can help. 

Script writing, Narration & Video Production Services


We are skilled storytellers with hundreds (perhaps thousands) of video productions under our belts. We are experts in the art of script writing. We create realistic budgets and effectively and professionally oversee all aspects of video production. Our goal is simply to create products that inform, entertain and inspire your various stakeholders. 


Executive Media Coaching & On-Camera Training

Being prepared is everything. Gaskins Media Works provides customized media training services conducted by a veteran CNN anchor. We focus on preparing you for the real life promotional opportunities and crisis communications situations that you and your team are likely to encounter. Whether your plan is to increase public speaking opportunities, improve web video performance or both, GMW specialized training can help you deliver your messages in a way that resonates with your audiences.